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Is it time to invest in your health?

To purchase a gift card to yourself, a friend or loved one, send me an email and apply:

  • Which gift card picture you wish to receive: please see the cards below and choose your favourite. 

  • Which amount you wish to add to your gift card.

  • Your preferred payment option: PayPal or invoice/faktura.

  • Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions regarding health coaching services or pricing. 

When we've received your email, I will answer any questions and you will receive a link to my PayPal profile for card payment or an invoice depending on your preferred option. Next, you will receive your chosen gift card via email once your payment has been received. 

When your gift card's recipient is ready to take the next step on his/her journey towards better health with me, my health coaching is booked by sending me an email. 

Health coaching online eGift Card January campaign

Buy a health coaching gift card for yourself, a friend or loved one.
Customize the card by writing your personal message.
The eCard will be sent to your chosen gift recipient.
In health,

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