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Happy New Year from me to you

Happy New Year! 💫✨

May all your goals and desires come true. ❤️‍🔥

But before making any massive New Year’s resolutions, before going cold turkey or head-over-heels on that fitness regime on the 1st of January…

What if adding small, daily doses of better habits is a much better recipe than quick-fixes, diets and such? And then repeating until those habits stick. Slowly, surely creating new pathways in the brain (our behavorial boss) and adding onto those habits, leveling up over time. Challenging yourself, always, but without overdoing it. 🙏🏻 Because we don’t need to force or apply hardness to go all in.

Goal-getting comes through consistency and connection. Connection through FEELING (instead of shutting off). Through tuning in with ourselves and the body, connecting with the breath, engaging the diaphragm and connecting with any physical muscle or emotional landscape that you seek to evolve and strengthen. While developing your resilience and exploring your grit.

No quick fixes, instead sustainable solutions. With a long-term vision and with a mantra whispering, reminding you to take action but "just for today". Soon creating ripple-effects on your health, well-being, physical body and mind. Creating true and lasting change over time.

And often, a little help is needed thru community, supportive friends, a coach or a loved one too.

Remember, being gentle with yourself does not mean weak. Neither does seeking support instead of being an island. 🤗🤍✨

With love/Hanna

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