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Sound healing + hale breathwork on the fourth Sunday of Advent in Stockholm

Happy to share that the gifted healing sounds artist Simon Morris is coming back to do not only 1 but 3 sessions together with us at hale* this Winter. He will bring his fine-tuned skills and presence, and an amazing setup of gongs and other instruments from his artistic gong bath toolbox. And on Sunday the fourth of Advent, on a cozy and dark Winter morning (18/12), I will be the one guiding the breath.

I look forward to this session, and hopefully we will create a bit of magic together by opening up a crack of inner light for those joining us on this December date, in the midst of a month many find challenging with its short days and long nights of Vitamin D-deficient darkness.

*hale is Scandinavia's very first center and community for breathwork, located here in the heart of Stockholm (but also offer breathwork online).

This will be a healing, uplifting and deeply restorative session A perfect little break from the modern everyday life (perhaps especially hectic in the busy times before the Christmas holidays). The intention of our session is to create a direct gateway into grounding, zen, stillness and sometimes euphoria. By guiding you through a gentle and soothing session combining breath with musical sounds and vibrations. Awakening your senses:

  • Hearing.

  • Feeling.

  • Seeing (with your eyes closed during the session, this is a chance to tune inwards to your Self)

  • Scenting.

  • Connecting with your body's awareness while going on a journey through time and space. Lying down in a rested position and experiencing a series of gentle yet powerful breathing techniques seamlessly woven together and to the sounds of a live musical creation.

  • And maybe a little bit of human touch* *(only if you're comfortable with it, if not: we will give you space to decline physical support/tactile touch prior to session)

A magical way of pausing, feeling and sensing. A possibility to tune inwards, connect with feeling and being, making it possible to truly come home to your body. Exploring your inner landscapes, and also: an opportunity to get a little high on your own supply. A nice gift to yourself, perhaps accompanied by a a loved one, in the shape of connecting through self love, on the last Sunday before Christmas.

Book your spot here: Sound healing + breathwork with Simon Morris & Hanna Gillving on 18 December 2022 the fourth Sunday of Advent.

Come as you are, all you need is within you. With love/Hanna

P.S: This session will be guided in English and suitable for all levels: from breathwork beginner to advanced practitioner. Here's a clip from when we were prepping the studio last time we joined forces to create a safe space to hear, feel and breathe in. A space to heal, connect and grow.


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