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Why I do what I do

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Happy 12 October a.k.a. international Sugar Free Day!

I've started my day with one of my favourite morning rituals, a nice long nature powerwalk. Then some work followed by making one of my simplicity favs amongst my many sugar free and keto/carnivore dishes, for brunch. Fast food at its best:

-beef warmed up in a pan with extra virgin coconut oil

-lots of unprocessed salt

-shirataki noodles (zero carb)

-some dark, leafy greens

-some finely chopped, raw red onion

-drizzling olive oil

-a raw egg yolk

Now getting ready for take-off to Epicenter here in the heart of Stockholm and today's celebration, the event of the annual Sugar Free Day in honour of Bitten Jonsson. Will be a fun eve with new and older colleagues, friends, tribe, former class mates from back in the days when studying to become a functional medicine coach and holistic addiction medicine therapist, partners in health and much more.

I will bring books to be available during the hour of mingling and connecting with us health professionals between 16-17pm before the party of lectures begins.

I wrote my first book KETO-licious as a result of my own health journey, because I want to contribute with these things:

-Help raise the awareness of modern fake foods that lead to chronic diseases, mental health problems, hormonal imbalances and much more. -Guide and help people navigate their way to the best health and well-being through the many healing benefits of simply eating REAL food. Important: An individual is predisposed to one of the three biochemistries which will determine some direction in regard to foody choices that works as either poison or medicine. Addictive brains will for example need to cut out processed foods and sugars to be able to live live fully, and as we call it; a life in balance and recovery. It's also important to press that one size never fits all: each one of us have individual needs, conditions and metabolic blueprints meaning one person may feel great from dairies or oats, while another one gets chronically ill. Investigating one's own tolerances is key.

-Provide inspiration as well as concrete guidance on where to find healthy food and tips and tricks making the transition to a sugar free life style, based on real food, fully possible.

-Spread knowledge and shine a light on my holistic view on health and well-being, the red thread or core idea in everything that I do: the ancestral, science-based approach. With food, breath and movement as key pillars, but including the many pieces of our human, holistic health puzzle.

-And of course, provide concrete guidance for anyone who wants to go ketogenic, and reap the many fruits of living a high-fat-low-carb life. Whether its to heal from chronic diseases, depression, anxiety, reverse dementia, balance blood sugar and reach low and healthy insulin levels, the potent tool for living life in recovery and life in technicolor, gain great energy levels to last throughout the day, clear the modern fake food-related brain fog, repair imbalances biochemistry or simply optimizing stress-resilience, endurance in the gym or running trail or lose weight and improve fitness results.

I just opened a box of freshly printed books, and am counting my blessings, feeling joy and gratitude. This book was made with heart, many hours of deep research, trials and errors from my own health journey in the luggage, some sweat, cursing and a few tears too. I feel blessed to be able to share my work through writing, inspiring and teaching. To do what I love most and provide my way of contributing, hopefully adding guidance to important pieces of the puzzle that create change for individuals on their journeys to better health, well-being and thriving. With love/Hanna



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