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What is keto?
The ketogenic diet is an anti-inflammatory way of eating that has been used since the 1920s as an effective treatment method for children suffering from epilepsy, and which has made it possible to cure many of today’s chronic diseases and health conditions such as type-2 diabetes and cognitive brain diseases including, including dementia and other inflammatory illnesses.

KETO-licious is a concrete and practical guide for improving and even revolutionizing your health, from the inside and out. In this book the ancient, ketogenic low-carb-high-fat, nutrient dense food is presented in combination with contemporary expertise, and the latest scientific findings which emphasize the healing powers of real food, and explains why insulin and blood sugar play a key role for your health and well-being.

The way to weight loss, health and mental sharpness



The keto diet means going back to basics
In other words, eating the foods that us humans are genetically adapted and designed for. By eating a large amount of healthy fats, moderate amounts of animal protein and a great deal of low carb vegetables you can help your body and brain to start using ketones as primary fuel, instead of glucose – a process which has great cognitive advantages and results in calming effects on the brain, increased energy, fewer mood swings,
less anxiety and better sleep. It will also highly improve your metabolism: get ready for becoming an around-the-clock fat burner!

Not just food

My book KETO-licious is all about adopting a holistic health perspective, treating the individual as a whole and nurturing the mind, body and soul with all the aspects of the human health puzzle needed to not just live healthy but also thrive in life.


We can do this by living as much as possible in alignment with our ancestral blueprint. Through functional breathing patterns, and many other tools which are presented in chapter 4: The addictive brain, carnivore and the chapter of sleep, stress and harmony.

Keto grass-fed meatballs, a recipe from my book.


KETO-licious – Contents





The evolutionary perspective

Blood sugar, insulin and the microbiome – the keys to longevity

Ketosis – How it works

The microbiome – the link between nutrition and mental health

The history of the ketogenic diet



The good fats

Animal protein

Ketogenic carbs


Your ketogenic meal plan – choose your very own fuel mix level

The grocery list – a guide to ketogenic food

The start manual: pantry cleaning!

How to stock up your new, natural and evolutionary based pantry

How to simplify your everyday life with Sunday food prep

The action plan – meal planning for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days

Keto flu – the carb and sugar withdrawal symptoms and the tricks that gets you through the detox period
Hack your hangover
More on the microbiome – how to boost your gut flora and lose weight


Eating out – sugar free and keto tips and tricks and a restaurant list


PART FOUR – The addictive brain, carnivore and the chapter of sleep, stress and harmony + ancestral breathing.

The addictive brain– about sugar, food and chemical dependency

Carnivore – Zero Carb Zen

Sleep, stress management and harmony – the ketogenic holistic health perspective


More sources for the curious

"There are many indications that ketones and ketosis are a true superfuel for the body and the brain.And that the ketogenic diet is pure medicine, for both curing and preventing lifestyle diseases.
If you read Hanna Gillving’s eminent book KETO-licious, you will get all the inspiration and knowledge you need to get started and maintain a ketogenic lifestyle with fantastic recipes and meal suggestions."


Jonas Colting, triathlon world champion and health inspirer

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