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Health consultations

My services


Whether you want to…

  • Kickstart your sugar free journey, lose weight and
    receive support
    through the detox

  • Invest in yourself through a food and fitness strategy, a personal breathing protocol or a holistic lifestyle plan with short or long-term guidance

  • Work on your personal growth, mindset and daily habits

...Or get better sleep, less anxiety and more harmony in life.
I am here to help. 


Together we will find the solutions and keys needed to unlock your whole potential. So that you can achieve your goals and upgrade your health, well-being and life quality – From the inside and out.

Finding solutions and supporting you on your journey


In my work as a holistic health consultant and life coach, I offer 1-on-1 coaching online on Zoom. You will receive concrete guidance, knowledge and support to help you optimize your health and thrive in life. 

Depending on your goals, needs and situation, together we will design the coaching journey of your choice, in terms of how often we meet for Zoom sessions, and potential weekly support via WhatsApp or Telegram, or if you wish to do check-in’s over the phone.


More details on which kinds of tools and guidance I offer will be presented to you during your first Zoom session with me.

​As all humans are unique in regard to biochemistry, inner hormonal environments, gut health status and much more, ​I create precision-based lifestyle plans and offer solutions to meet the specific needs of each person. 

Functional food and functional breathing patterns are my key pillars for building a solid foundation. By guiding you into adding building blocks such as sleep, physical exercise, daily doses of nature, and working with habits, personal growth, connection, mindset and potential trauma, I will help empower and support you to create your own and most vibrant wholeness. 

You are welcome to book a free 15-minute introduction call in which you can connect with me and I will answer your questions and listen to your intention in terms of how you wish to best proceed. 

What my consultations
are about


To begin your coaching journey together with me, send me an email by clicking the button below, and I will get back to you shortly.



What is the difference between Health Consultations and Breath consultations? 

My health consultations focus on several key pieces of the life puzzle, because each individual needs wholeness to build good health and thrive in life. Nutrition, supplements, food intolerances or allergies, sleeping patterns, stress-management, recovery, physical exercise, daily habits, current life challenges, past traumas, meaningful relationships, feeling connection, purpose and mindset are examples of elements that all contribute to how we feel, and they all affect our health status. 

My functional breathing consultations focus solely on your breathing patterns, investigating root causes related to your dysfunctional breathing or health issues, and providing solutions and tools to improve your breathing habits. 
However, I might also plant some seeds in regard to potential other lifestyle areas that may be of benefit for you to look at on your journey to better health. 

What does a Health Consultation look like?


Your first session with me is 75-90 minutes. I will ask questions and listen to your story. As we say in the field of Functional Medicine: your personal Why.

My intention is to gain a deeper understanding of your background, current situation, symptoms and potential root causes
behind your health challenges, as well as identifying and tuning in with your individual needs. 

If you have booked a Breath coaching consultation, I will focus on investigating your breathing patterns.

On a Health Consultation session or longer health journey, you will receive concrete guidance, and a suggested food plan along with a lifestyle prescription involving all areas of life/health that you are open to investigate with me. I will offer support, tweaks, follow-up your development and if you are interested in learning a few breathing techniques that you can easily implement in your day-to-day life, I will implement that for you. 

If you have booked a Breath Consultation session, I will focus on creating a functional breathing protocol or breathwork plan, tailor-made for you. This may also involve some deeper work in terms of looking at past trauma and current triggers, but this is of course optional. Some guidance in regard to food and lifestyle is also included. 

Follow-up consultations are 30-50 minutes depending on your situation, chosen journey package and needs. 


How do I prepare for my first Consultation? 


When you have booked your first consultation with me, I will email a health screening questionnaire for you to fill in and
return to me 2 days prior to our first meeting. If you have recently taken a blood panel or other tests, please also send me those before we meet, so I can get a deeper insight into your current situation and health status.

How do I know if I need Breath coaching? 


I offer functional breathing consultations for anyone curious to explore and improve their breathing patterns, or those struggling with breathlessness, anxiety, poor sleep, mood disorders, overweight or chronic stress, respiratory issues such as Post-COVID Conditions (PCC), Long COVID, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, asthma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders. 


I investigate the potential root causes for dysfunctional breathing or poor health, screen your breathing patterns and guide you to better breathing techniques. These aim to reverse or eliminate your symptoms, improve your red blood count status, balance your gas exchange and reduce inflammation which is often key when dealing with chronic health issues of any kind.


You will receive hands-on tips and tricks to keep you pulmonary fit and your nervous system in balance, and together we will create a plan for your recovery, tailor-made for you.

Why is functional breathing important?

Most people today have dysfunctional breathing patterns. This is a key factor behind health problems such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronically high stress levels, sleep apnea and mood disorders, asthma, breathlessness, COPD, weight gain and impaired metabolism, migraines, low energy levels, sugar or food cravings, inflammation, hormonal imbalances and loss of red blood cells.


Simply put, your health depends upon the quality of your breath. How we breathe affects everything we do and feel.
Practising breathwork results in medically beneficial effects, and makes it possible to reverse or become free from many illnesses and chronic health conditions.


Functional medicine:
The medicine of the Why



As a functional medicine therapist, I use a holistic health
perspective in my work: I look for the root causes of your
illnesses and investigate what pieces of your personal health
puzzle that are missing, so that together we can create a
better wholeness for you and improve your quality of life.
Always according to your unique situation, individual needs
and goals. Because one size never fits


I offer a variety of tests from one of the best laboratories in the
world, along with blood panel tests from renowned, Swedish
Werlabs. Should you wish to look into your health markers,
nutritional status, gut health, hormones, biochemistry,
blood type diet, DNA, intolerances or allergies, I will guide
you to the right tests for your condition, analyze the results and
adjust your food and lifestyle plan accordingly.

Tests are always optional, and not included in the packages. 

My philosophy


I believe that going back to basics and eat, breathe and live as much as possible in alignment with our ancestral blueprint,
as us humans were evolutionary designed to do
, is key for creating sustainable change and upgrading habits.
Nutrient-dense, real food and ancestral breathing patterns are powerful tools when building a solid foundation for
optimum health and well-being. When used accordingly, food and breath is like medicine for us.

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