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Meet Hanna

What I do

I help clients around the world to reverse chronic illnesses, find harmony in life and achieve optimal health and well-being. Or as I like to call it: live life in technicolor. I'm a health detective with a holistic approach in everything I do, and thrive on finding the keys to unlock each individual's own, unique potential. 


My background

I am a Swedish health consultant based in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a background in the Swedish investment business, which I left in 2013 after re-evaluating life and going on a personal health and wellness journey.


Starting off in the jungles of Thailand, I found my love for nature and the power of the breath, when learning the ancient practices of Ashtanga yoga. I then explored Scotland (UK) where I joined Scottish military fitness bootcamps located in nature (glorious Scotland might just be the best gym in the world!), before returning home to Stockholm and diving deep into the wells of education, research and my favourite topic – evolutionary science.

My education

I’m a functional medicine therapist, functional breath coach, teacher and breath guide, nutritionist, sports nutrition coach and holistic addiction medicine therapist. Educated at the Swedish Paleo Institute and Functional Medicine Institute in Stockholm, Oxygen Advantage, hale breathing center, All Yoga Thailand and at the school of the Swedish Addiction expert and sugar free queen, Bitten Jonsson.

During the times of the pandemic, I took the next step on my own breathwork journey, and was part of starting up Scandinavia’s very first center and community for breathwork, hale breathing center, located in the heart of my home city Stockholm. 

The Female Cycle Bootcamp

I'm the founder of The Female Cycle Bootcamp, a new concept guiding women on how to align their life, breath and fitness routines with the different phases of their unique female cycle. 

Female breathing patterns and repairing hormonal imbalances are areas that are close to my heart. I specialize in empowering women through menstrual cycle awareness: education in the female cycle fluctuations and breathing science, breathwork, food, fitness and lifestyle for creating hormonal balance and thrive in life. I also offer personalized pregnancy protocols for those who wish to optimize their health and well-being for upcoming pregnancy, birthing and becoming a mother. 

My books

Parallel to my coaching business, I am a writer and huge advocate for all things ancestral, with a holistic health perspective and a growth mindset in everything that I do.


My first book, the holistic health bible KETO-licious, was published in 2019 in Sweden, followed by Finland, and will soon be available in English too. As a specialist on keto and food as medicine, this book is a result of my own journey and a wish to “give it forward”, with hopes of inspiring and guiding others towards better health, optimum life quality and wellness. 

If you’re curious about the things I’ve healed from, I invite you to read the foreword in KETO-licious where I open up on some of those parts. 

Evolutionary science

My work purpose is to raise the awareness of approved natural methods for finding health and harmony in life, both through writing, inspiring and teaching. Doing research, exploring and working on improving myself has always been a part of who I am, and sharing some of my personal experiences and revelations with others comes natural to me. Always without judgment or pointing fingers. As the saying goes: none of us have monopoly on wisdom. Simply embrace what you resonate with and leave the rest. 

Currently I am working on my next books, coaching clients, guiding breathwork sessions and helping people re-learn how to breathe.

I also have some nice new projects in the making, but I will let the birthings of those be a cliffhanger for now… Stay tuned. 


With love and gratitude, 




"I reach continuously towards a better self. 
The journey doesn't end. "
Michelle Obama

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