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Zoom, Sweden and internationally

My sessions are available via Zoom, which makes it possible for you to breathe from the office or from the comfort of your own home. I also do live sessions in the heart of Stockholm.

Consultations and sessions are available in English or Swedish. 


Group breathwork sessions 

I also do breathwork sessions. Breathwork has shown to significantly reduce stress and anxiety, increase calm and feel good-hormones, improve sleep, act like medicine for mood-disorders and increase your stress-resilience as well as your cognitive and physical performance.

Doing breathwork in a group setting will also add bonus effects by bringing individuals and teams closer together, opening up for more human connection – even though you will be focusing solely on your own breathing experience, there are multiple benefits to come from just doing the work in the presence of other breathing with you. 


1-on-1 consultations for individuals
and group breathwork sessions

All services are eligible as tax free wellness grant (applicable in Sweden)





Group sessions


You can also buy a gift card for a friend, colleague or loved one.

Breathwork and the ancestral perspective
In my book KETO-licious, I touch upon the topic of breathwork in chapter IV, in which you’ll find a calming pranayama breathwork practice to get you started and guidance on where to find mouth tape for better sleep.

Breathwork testimonials

Hanna is truly a down to earth,
calm and grounded person.
She brings a warm stillness and welcoming energy for everyone that comes to her sessions.

She is also an extremely knowledgeable professional within the field of breathwork and
knows how to guide and tweak
the breath of her customers so that their personal needs are met, regardless of what they might be; physical as well as mental.

Highly, highly recommend you pay her many visits.

Kajsa D

I booked one of Hanna’s breathwork classes when I was on a spontaneous Stockholm-visit.

With her warm and welcoming energy, she guided the group through a truly magical experience!

Afterwards, I felt uplifted, energized and at peace with myself. I recommend Hanna’s sessions to everyone looking for tools to deal with stress, release energy and simply feel better.

On top of it, you are up for a real

Victor Å

My first breathwork experience was
a surprisingly positive experience! Like giving yourself an act of love.

Hanna’s presence is calm and loving.
I felt very safe all the way through her guiding, and she leaves space for you to also steer your own way, exploring your breath.

I had an emotional journey, where I felt I had the opportunity to really practice self-love, space to pause and give room for my emotions to be felt and healed.
Afterwards I was calm and excited at the same time, and felt lots of gratitude. 
Thank you Hanna!

Ester F

My first breathwork class was at hale center in Stockholm with Hanna.

Thanks to her professional, conscious
and pedagogical approach, I instantly fell in love with breathwork.

Today, 10 months later, I have attended more than 140 breathwork sessions. 

Oscar S

Symptoms of dysfunctional breathing patterns

Most people today have dysfunctional breathing patterns. This is a key factor behind health problems such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronically high stress levels, sleep apnea and mood disorders, asthma, breathlessness, COPD, weight gain and impaired metabolism, migraines, low energy levels, sugar or food cravings, inflammation, hormonal imbalances and loss of red blood cells.


Simply put, your health depends upon the quality of your breath. How we breathe affects everything we do and feel.

Practising breathwork results in medically beneficial effects, and makes it possible to reverse or become free from many illnesses and chronic health conditions.

Re-learning how to breathe

Poor health and chronic health conditions often stem from modern foods and a lifestyle that differs a lot from the natural environment and foods of our ancestors. This interrupts our natural breathing patterns, creates inflammation and hijacks our brains and innate stress systems.  


By going back to breathing as we are evolutionarily designed to do, we can reverse these problems. Your breath –and real food– can be like medicine, when used functionally. These things are something of a lost art, ever since the entrance of the agricultural society. But you have the power to re-learn your body's breathing patterns – all you need is already within you. 


What breathwork can do for you

Exploring your breath results in a vast amount of long-term benefits.

But it's also a very potent tool to apply in specific situations.

  1. When you want to calm your nerves and find your center before
    an important meeting, event or public speaking.

  2. When you want to increase your mental focus and become more creative or efficient in your work.

  3. When you’ve had an overstimulating or stressful day and quickly want to wind down, ground yourself and be fully present with
    your partner or kids.

  4. When you want to optimize your oxygenation, endurance and performance in the gym, running trail, yoga session or before a competition.

  5. When you want to reach a state of deep relaxation, or shift focus from anxiety to feeling safe and connected in your body.


Breathwork and the ancestral perspective
In my book KETO-licious, I touch upon the topic of breathwork
in chapter IV, in which you’ll find a calming pranayama breathwork practice to get you started and guidance on where to find mouth tape for better sleep.

The science of the breath
One of my inspirations as an author and science nerd with a thing for breathwork, is mr. James Nestor. Follow the link below if you want to take part of his vast collection of 600 scientific studies.

“It was pure joy to take my time with these subjects, working alongside experts in the field, having strange new revelations about the world and our place in it, separating science from myths. It's all I thought about, all I ever wanted to do. Still is." 

James Nestor, science journalist and author of the book Breath

Breathwork science


Get a glimpse of a breathwork session with Hanna


My little list of breathwork benefits...

There are many benefits to gain from exploring your breath. 

For example, it will help you...

  1. Balance your nervous system, release stress and tension

  2. Increase your stress-resilience

  3. Gain cognitive clarity, de-clutter the mind

  4. Train your capacity to tolerate higher levels of CO2, which is fundamental for upgrading your health

  5. Upgrade your metabolism (without proper oxygenation of cells, burning fat is impossible)

  6. Increase weight-loss (if that's your goal)

  7. Improve your fitness results

  8. Improve your cardiovascular health 

  9. Strengthen your lung capacity and help reverse asthma, COPD, long-covid and breathlessness 

  10. Support your sleep 

  11. Stop snoring

  12. Release natural opioids and feel good-hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphins

  13. Oxygenate your cells, tissues, organs, muscles and the heart

  14. Repair hormonal imbalances (regardless of sex)

  15. Reduce sugar and food cravings

  16. Reduce inflammatory cytokines and strengthen your innate immune system:
    the first line of defence towards illness

  17. Restore your innate calm and increase your well-being

  18. Explore your physical and emotional landscapes

  19. Reduce free radicals (which does damage to DNA, proteins and the fats around cell membranes)

  20. Unlearn bad habits, delay gratification and train your reward system to
    create healthy dopamine outlets

  21. Reduce PMS symptoms and optimize female hormonal health

  22. Release feel good-hormones, natural opioids and cannabinoids (chemicals known to help with pain-relief, mood and anxiety)

  23. Strengthen your immune system Read more  

  24. Produce more red blood cells 

  25. Increase your endurance and sports performance 

  26. Decrease computer apnea

  27. Strengthen your relationships and explore the bonding benefits; breathwork is great for team building purposes 

  28. Find a direct gateway to self-regulate and handle uncomfortable emotions 

  29. Stimulate your vagus nerve, which means less stress and more zen

  30. Increase your lunch capacity, which is extra beneficial if you have COPD

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