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Digital courses

This Autumn, I will launch my new digital courses, and The Female Cycle Bootcamp.
They will all be available in both Swedish and English.

What to expect
My courses are for all genders and ages. Some will be for beginners, others for will provide guidance on the topics of food as medicine, breathwork and ancestral breathing patterns, hormonal balance, weight loss (without dieting or restricting), fitness and strength and building better health and well-being, from the inside and out. 

Who is this for?
Some of my courses will be for beginners, some will be on intermediate levels, and others are for those who wish to dig deeper into certain areas or optimize. 

All my courses will offer knowledge, guidance and inspiration within the field of holistic health, to support you on your journey and help you to take your health and physical, respiratory, mental or cognitive capacity to higher levels. The purpose is to provide tools to make it possible for you to take charge over your health and well-being.

Whether you want to reverse chronic illness, gain mental clarity and connection, lose your extra kilos, breathe better, get your spark back, have more energy or create your own individual, optimum and balanced wholeness and explore your unique human potential so that you can thrive in life. 

More info will come soon
If you are curious to join my Female Cycle Bootcamp, you can apply your interest here. 
Please note: The English version of the course platform ( will be available this Autumn. 

With love / Hanna

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