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Hanna Gillving

   Holistic Health Consultant

  • Educator and coach in the fields of
    Functional Medicine 
    and ancestral health

  • Author of KETO-licious (Bladh by Bladh 2019)

  • Food as medicine specialist

  • Holistic addiction medicine specialist

  • Functional breathing specialist

    ​   "Let food and breathwork be thy medicine,
       let medicine be thy breathwork and food."
       Hanna Gillving

Hanna Gillving Let food and breathwork be thy medicine let thy medicine be breathwork and food The Holistic Health Consultant

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"There are many indications that ketones and ketosis are a true superfuel for the body and the brain.And that the ketogenic diet is pure medicine, for both curing and preventing lifestyle diseases.If you read Hanna Gillving’s eminent book KETO-licious, you will get all the inspiration and knowledge you need to get started and maintain a ketogenic lifestyle with fantastic recipes and meal suggestions."

Jonas Colting, triathlon world champion and health inspirer


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Collaborations in health


Provides top notch fish oil, purified from 
hormonally disrupting and carcinogenic phtalates (chemical substances commonly found in the oceans, fish and plastics).

ArcticMed also provide EFSA approved olive oil with high amounts of hydroxy-tyrosol for arteriosclerosis-protection and bioactive, anti-inflammatory oleocanthal.

For those of my clients who want to invest in taking a test for their Omega-3 index fatty acid profile, I recommend ArcticMed's blood test.



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