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Hanna Gillving

The Holistic Health Consultant

​   "Let food and breathwork be thy medicine,
    let medicine be thy breathwork and food."

    Hanna Gillving


  • Functional medicine therapist

  • Nutritionist and fitness coach

  • Functional breathing coach

  • Holistic addiction medicine specialist

  • Author of KETO-licious (Bladh by Bladh 2019)

  • Founder of the female cycle bootcamp


My services

Hanna Gillving Let food and breathwork be thy medicine let thy medicine be breathwork and food The Holistic Health Consultant

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"There are many indications that ketones and ketosis are a true superfuel for the body and the brain.And that the ketogenic diet is pure medicine, for both curing and preventing lifestyle diseases.If you read Hanna Gillving’s eminent book KETO-licious, you will get all the inspiration and knowledge you need to get started and maintain a ketogenic lifestyle with fantastic recipes and meal suggestions."

Jonas Colting, triathlon world champion and health inspirer


Women's circle breathwork for female addicts living in recovery



On Sunday 19 March, I will do a women's circle breathwork session and hold space exclusively for female addicts living in recovery.

This Sunday is for women of all ages who want to re-wire their neural pathways, build stress-resilience, learn how to delay gratification and get a little high on your own supply (your breath). With positive impact only. 


The session will take place in the heart of central Stockholm 14-15.30pm. 
Cost: 395:-


With love/Hanna
P.S. This session is held in Swedish.


What you get: 

  1. A deeply restorative breathwork session with meditative relaxation

  2. Sharing circle (optional) 

  3. Connection with females living in recovery and the opportunity to expand your 'wolf pack'

  4. A recording by Hanna to bring home,
    so that you can add breathwork to your daily morning routin



Breathwork for addicts living in recovery


One Sunday per month, I hold space for addicts who wants to re-wire their neural pathways, build stress-resilience, improve the ability to delay gratification or simply get a deeply calming and meditative experience where you might get a little high on your own supply. With positive impact only. 


Upcoming dates: 
Sat 15 April.         Sun 15 Oct.
Sun 14 May.         Sun 12 Nov.
Sun 11 June.         Sun 10 Dec.
Sun 20 Aug.         Sun 21 Jan. 2024
Sun 10 Sep.

Book your spot here.



Digital gift cards are now available for purchase


To purchase a gift card for a friend, colleague or loved one, send me an email and apply:

  • Which consultation or package you wish to add to your gift card.

  • Your preferred payment option: PayPal or invoice.

  • Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions regarding health coaching services, options and pricing. Your gift card will be sent to you via email. 

All my services are classified as fitness reimbursement wellness grant in Sweden. Save your invoice for the bookkeeping of your employer or your business.



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