Hanna Gillving

The female breathing specialist

  • Founder of The Female Cycle Bootcamp

  • Holistic Health Detective 

  • Functional Breathing Coach

  • Expert on food as medicine

  • Author of holistic health bible KETO-licious
    (Bladh by Bladh 2019)

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"There are many indications that ketones and ketosis are a true superfuel for the body and the brain.And that the ketogenic diet is pure medicine, for both curing and preventing lifestyle diseases.If you read Hanna Gillving’s eminent book KETO-licious, you will get all the inspiration and knowledge you need to get started and maintain a ketogenic lifestyle with fantastic recipes and meal suggestions."

Jonas Colting, triathlon world champion and health inspirer


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Collaborations in health


The team at Swedish health tech company Deversify share my holistic approach to wellness and work wholeheartedly to improve public health.

Deversify is the mother company of subsidiaries Acetrack and Elitista. I have wowen together some of my very exciting upcoming projects with my main partners in health – keep an eye out for news on my website.

Click here to read more about Acetrack, who provides the fine breathalyzer I use when I want to measure my ketones, track my metabolism and fat burning ability.
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Provides top notch fish oil, purified from 
hormonally disrupting and carcinogenic phtalates (chemical substances commonly found in the oceans, fish and plastics).

ArcticMed also provide EFSA approved olive oil with high amounts of hydroxytyrosol for arteriosclerosis-protection and bioactive, anti-inflammatory oleocanthal.
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With a background in the areas of nutrition, sports and functional medicine, Upgrit provides potent supplements for better health and optimized performance. 

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to join the Upgrit family and receive discounts + special offers on the products I am currently using. 

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One of the blood panel test providers I use in my work with clients to detect nutritional imbalances and investigate important health markers, is Werlabs.

Click here to buy your chosen test (contact me for guidance),
then drop-in to your nearest Werlabs laboratory at a time of your convenience. The results usually come back within 24 hours. 
If you have booked a consultation with me, we will go through your test results on your next booked appointment.

Acetrack is my ketosis-measuring companion when tracking my metabolic health.
A handy tool for investigating patterns in regard to food, breath, movement and lifestyle.

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